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There’s no better way than by picking up an art book or two to indulge your obsession. While Peter’s last two suits were gifts from Tony Stark, the Stealth Suit likely comes from Nick Fury, who appears to have survived the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. Mr Davies, 46, spiderman costume kids intended to auction the frames for charity before discovering they were missing after the 2am raid last week. When the Spyro trilogy remake was announced, many avid fans shouted “shut up and take my money.” Which was all the more evident when the remake sold 1.04 million units in its first week, boasting a stronger opening week than all of the other Spyro games combined. You can get your copy of The Art of Spyro here. Ah, Spyro. A sense of nostalgic pleasure for many PlayStation gamers. Photos of the exhibition captured some heart-melting moments, as parents ditched babysitters for the weekend and dressed up with their children to make for some truly special family superhero combinations.

The colors of the suit make it stand out, as this feels like a younger Parker coming up to the prime of his crime fighting career. So Russia are out, Russia’s women are out, Spartak Moscow are out. SPOILER WARNING: This list contains minor plot spoilers and a comprehensive list of unlockable suits for Spider-Man, out now on the PS4. This definitive guide to The Art of Spyro: Reignited Trilogy contains never-before-seen concept art for this stunning remake. It also contains an array of behind-the-scenes content from the industry’s top illustrators as well as a bunch of anecdotes from the developers. Inside, you’ll find stunning illustrations of key moments from the game as well as an array of detailed artwork on mythical creatures from Fenyx‘s world. The art book is filled aplenty with concept art and illustrations from the game’s creators so you can get an inside look at how this beautiful but dangerous world came to be. If you’re a big fan of Greek mythology, you’ll deeply appreciate the way the artists have brought creatures from myth and legend to life not only in the game, but in this art book.

This collection covers everything from the original The Legend of Zelda, all the way up to 2015’s Tri Force Heroes, and chock full of art work, including character designs and promo pieces. In this oversized, full-colour art book, you’ll be able to revisit Doom: Eternal‘s gloriously dark concept art, illustrations and commentary in flesh-rending detail. You’ll get to see full-colour illustrations of Spider-Man’s suit and equipment as well as incredibly detailed concept art that’s both amazing and spectacular. Prepare to admire various designs of the Slayer’s armour as well as visit unknown. Unlocks the ‘Arms Race’ go well with potential. So, how many shots did your team end up working on in the film? When you fall in love with a new series, film or video game, sometimes you just want to learn as much about its development process as possible. Dark Horse Books’ trilogy of The Legend of Zelda hardcovers are some of the best video game companion books ever, but we want to give a specific shoutout to Art and Artifacts. From Dungeons & Dragons to The Mandalorian, you can find a collection of our favourite art books, across a wide range of video games, movies, comics, manga and anime, which will be sure to surprise and delight.

Explore The Legend of Zelda: Art and Artifacts here. Art and Artifacts is a fascinating overview of how the aesthetics of The Legend of Zelda have evolved over time. It’s the perfect gift for the diehard Legend of Zelda fan in your life. Noir quickly became a fan favorite and has shown up in media since then, most notably Into the Spider-Verse. These heroic activities also gained him positive media attention but he still didn’t want to get back in show business. 7 business days (excluding Saturday, Sunday & Japan’s Holiday) after the payment is confirmed. The Stealth Suit might be visually influenced by Noir, but its purpose in the film has roots in the prime Marvel universe. Thus far, every MCU film to feature Spider-Man has given him a new suit to swing around in. Spider-Man and Fury worked together in the past, most notably in 2004’s Secret War. In Secret War, Spider-Man and the other heroes wore stealth suits to avoid setting off an international controversy. If you want to see how the PS4 exclusive’s creators brought Peter Parker and Spider-Man to life, you definitely need to check out Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Art of the Game.

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