On the eve of the 2020 Chinese Spring Festival, a ‘new coronavirus’ totally disrupted our festive atmosphere. Our familiar life was put on the ‘pause button’, the disease shrouded the sky with dark clouds … Everything related to life was, however, strongly accelerated.

Faced with the devastation suffered by the Hubei province and the spread of the new coronavirus epidemic throughout China, the Chinese nation once again demonstrates its unique unity and national cohesion. The ‘great love spirit’ of collectivism is impressive, people marvel at its strong power: well organized and concentrated on the big issues. Each individual seriously examined the need to properly handle the interests of the individual, the collective and the state.

All neuroendocrinologists in China have kept on working in hospitals to treat patients, meanwhile actively educating the general public with the knowledge of neuroendocrine diseases or of the new coronavirus. Basic researchers in the field of neuroendocrinology and postgraduate students constructively followed the requirements of the government, studied at home, meanwhile actively spreading the knowledge related to prevention and treatment of the new coronavirus via the internet.

At present, China has achieved a stable first stage success in overcoming the epidemic. This result is based upon the sacrifice of the people of Hubei China, and the dedication of the doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers in the front line. Everyone in China insisted on staying at home to reduce going out and had electronic meetings if necessary. In addition, people wear masks outside to protect oneself and others. Almost all neuroendocrinologists have now returned to work for clinical and/or scientific research, and graduate students are gradually returning to the laboratories as planned.

We see that many foreign countries are still fighting the epidemic. We are willing to offer our knowledge, help, and most sincere blessings and good wishes and provide here a Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment.

May we all be well; may the epidemic end, and all of us reunite happy and healthy.

Best Regards
Aimin Bao and Xuequn Chen
Zhejiang University, School of Medicine