The importance of being an active member of INF

Our current membership includes neuroendocrinologists from over 30 nations around the world. In 1972, the International Society of Neuroendocrinology (now the INF) was founded to pursue the following aims jointly:

  • promote the development and advance of basic and clinical neuroendocrinology
  • disseminate scientific information in neuroendocrinology and related fields
  • facilitate the interchange of ideas among scientists of all nations
  • attract to this discipline the enthusiasm of young and talented investigators


As a member you are entitled to:

  • Reduced registration fee to attend the International Congress of Neuroendocrinology (held every four years).
  • Students have the opportunity to apply for a travel grant to attend this meeting.
  • Reduced subscription rate to the journals Neuroendocrinology, Journal of Neuroendocrinology, Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology, and Stress.
  • Option to advertise training or faculty positions available in your laboratory, or to request a position for yourself.


Click on the following link: INF Membership Form

  • Complete the application form
  • Have two sponsoring members sign the form
  • Email or send the completed form to the INF Treasurer

Yearly membership dues are $20 for faculty, $5 for postdocs and students.

If you are a member of a national or supranational society, group or association that is already a member of the Federation (see Societies & Regions) then you do not have to join as an individual: you will automatically be a member through that body.

Contact your local society or group Secretary or the Federation Secretary for clarification. To apply
for individual membership follow the procedure above.


Fees may be paid using PayPal, either as a PayPal member or Guest (credit card) using the PayPal Button below.

Fees can also be paid by Direct Deposit or Personal Check. Please contact the INF Treasurer concerning these options.

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