Strategic Action Committee (SAC)

The SAC serves by advising the INF Executive on ways to accomplish the following aims:

  • To raise sponsorship for INF objectives
  • To promote public understanding of neuroendocrinology through internet activities, the media and publications
  • To establish rapport with industry and government/ international bodies
  • To identify new objectives and broaden the scope of the INF
  • Influence policy development of funding and health agencies

Committee membership:

  • John A Russell (Edinburgh, UK); Chair
  • Iain J Clarke (Melbourne, Australia); Vice-chair


Publications Committee

The aims of the Publications Committee are as follows:

  • To develop the INF website as a platform for information and communication in the neuroendocrinology community, including teaching and public relations resources (see Teaching & PR Literature webpage)
  • To negotiate and promote special subscription rates for INF members to relevant journals (see Journal Rates)

Committee membership:

  • William E. Armstrong (Memphis, TN USA); Chair
  • Jean-Louis Nahon (Valbonne, France)
  • Jon E. Levine (Evanston, IL, USA)
  • INF Officers as ex-officio members