Lego Spider-Man Becomes Miguel’s Elite Soldier | Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse Lego Explained

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Across the Spiderverse has a lot of different Spider-Man universes but one that I was definitely surprised and happy to see was the Lego Spider-Man universe, as someone who grew up on the Lego Games and I feel like they even managed to capture the humor of the Lego games and movie really well when we spend time in this universe. The first time we see the Lego Dimension in the movie is when The Spot is testing out his powers and poking his head into other realities, and he does just that for a brief moment as his head pokes out of the Daily Bugel and all of the small lego humans absolutely freak out and small lego cars even crash and break things apart in the mayhem. As the Camera zooms in on the building we see Lego Peter Parker standing inside as he says oh no, and walks past Lego J. Jonah Jameson who of course was voiced by the legendary J.K Simmons, as Peter sneaks into the bathroom and switches into his Spiderman costume and calls Miguel over his bracelet making his own bee boop noises, warning Miguel that The Spot is on the loose, with Miguel saying Thank you Peter, you’re one of our best. Many people didn’t catch it, but we do see him one more time, ontop of the Spider-mobile.

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Video Title: Lego Spider-Man Becomes Miguel’s Elite Soldier | Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse Lego Explained

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