As we are in a time of unprecedented uncertainty, I do hope that you are all managing the increased levels of stress and anxiety in our daily lives. I was hoping to see many of you at some of the upcoming scientific meetings, but as we all know by now, everything has been cancelled or postponed while we deal with much more pressing issues.

Remember that this will eventually be resolved, and it is worth sitting back and considering our priorities going forward. I am pleased to be able to give you our PANS Newsletters which you may not have read yet. We have some wonderful pieces in these editions and I do hope that you will enjoy reading through the perspectives while “sheltering-in-place”.

If you want to learn more about PANS, please visit our website.

I encourage you to tell all of your colleagues about our society, as we begin our membership drive.

I am in solidarity with all of you hoping that this pandemic passes quickly and our amazing scientific colleagues come up with a vaccine to protect the worlds’ population from further detriment.

It is overwhelming at the moment, so stay safe and take comfort in the abilities of the healthcare and scientific community in all of our countries.

Denise Belsham
PANS President