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The suits in Marvel’s Spider-Man each come with their own Suit Power that gives Spidey a leg up on enemies. The MCU’s Spidey threequel is chockful of Marvel references, cameos, and secrets that not only warrant repeat viewings, but also enrich practically every scene for diehard fans and newcomers alike. Look behind Peter in his scene with the teachers and you’ll see the face of Howard Stark (John Slattery) tucked away alongside inspirational real-world figures. His exact whereabouts is unknown, though Spider-Man: Far From Home’s post-credits scene featured him lounging about on a Skrull spaceship. Yet another update on Nick Fury’s whereabouts comes in No Way Home. MAJOR spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home follow. It feels odd to point out something that has been so heavily publicized going in but, yes, nearly every major new character is pulled from a different universe and has appeared in previous Spider-Man movie. He sat quietly next to a priest dressed in black who appeared to be unperturbed by the colorful character with big white eyes in the next seat. He hasn’t appeared in the MCU yet – but this could be the first indication that he’s lurking in the shadows. Marvel loves sliding in nods to the first appearances of some of its characters.

The thing about supernova where costuming is concerned, is that the most expressive of all our guests are the ones dressed as anime and manga characters. Madame Web is just one of many Spider-Man related spin-offs in the works for Sony as it capitalizes on its MCU characters. What that means for the status of those shows and how they fit into the MCU is unclear – especially with Kingpin showing up in Hawkeye – but, for now, let’s deal in absolutes: Matt Murdock is in the MCU and is still doing that whole lawyer thing. They were seen in the Iron Man trilogy and Spider-Man: Homecoming, and can probably count as being one of the more obscure MCU Easter eggs found in No Way Home. The final suit on our list is the Spider Man Dark Suit. “Federal agents,” a man – played by Succession’s Arian Moayed – yells outside Aunt May’s house.

This costume features the biggest Spider-logo of any Holland-worn outfit, both on the front and the back, while being completely blue with gold bordering on the outside. The black and gold Spider-Man suit is actually just Peter’s red and black suit flipped inside out, though. The red and black suit is worn by some of the best alternate versions of Spider-Man in the comics. As of now, it remains to be seen how Venom will be used in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. While the game’s reveal trailer certainly made him look like a formidable foe, some feel like that may have been a red herring. Peter refuses, and instead attempts to ‘fix’ them all so they can head back to their own worlds and have a change of heart. Mark Millar, who also changed the Spider suit during his iconic Civil War run, can identify. He, Aunt May, and MJ moved in Stark Tower, Peter wore a suit designed by Tony Stark (Iron Spider), joined his side during the Civil War (before switching over to Team Cap midway) and in recent comics, Peter has even become Iron Man-lite in that he runs his own business and claims to be Spider-Man’s employer and backer, while MJ actually transitioned from his supporting cast into Tony’s for a while.

When Peter talks about fighting a guy who wore a suit like a rhino, he’s nodding to the villain named–you guessed it–Rhino, from Marvel comics. WandaVision also made reference to someone who could be Nick Fury – with a Skrull asking Monica Rambeau to meet Fury in space. The backpack slung around his shoulders contains a cute little cat who is also named Spider-Man and even has a mask of his own! The Euphoria actress and the Spider-Man star, both 25, spider man miles morales suit were dressed elegantly as they headed to a screening of Tom’s new film Uncharted with his costar Mark Wahlberg. Spider-Man is a superhero film trilogy directed by Sam Raimi starring Tobey Maguire in the title role opposite Kirsten Dunst as love interest Mary Jane Watson. That is, of course, a nod to the comics (and 2002’s Spider-Man, which stuck closely to that source material) as her name there is MJ Watson.

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