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In their own universes, Spider-Man killed them or, at the very least, helped contribute to their deaths. Marvel’s Spider-Man comes with multiple Spider Armor suits, including the MK III, which has been referred to as the Anti-Sinister costume before. As they get to work, Miguel asks Lady Spider to check out the interdimensional jumping device he obtained from another version of Miguel who tried to warn him about the Inheritors. Peter asks him how he did that. Peter Parker’s return to Midtown High for his senior year is fraught with tension -. The Spider-Man performances were so well-received that it’s prompted fans to call for Garfield and Maguire to return for future appearances, including new installments of their Spider-Man franchises. That’s why, when Spider-Man 3 (and this is back when Tobey Maguire was still Spider-Man) announced that Venom would be (what I assumed to be) the main villain of the film, the little kid in me was chomping at the bit. We did try to find the original assets Sony used for the film, but they’re long since offline. While speaking to Aunt May, he can be seen wearing tattered purple and green clothes – which exactly match the color scheme of the original Green Goblin from the comics.

Eventually, he discovers the rogue heroes’ mistreatment by the government and realizes that he sided with the wrong team so he betrays Iron Man and joins Captain America’s Secret Avengers, He disregarded his suit that tony start had given him as it was prone to be hacked, and he did not want to be seen using technology tony stark had made, he reverted back to his original outfit. This could be seen as a godsend for Spidey after bouts with the Lizard or Sandman. The three suits can be seen in the image below, and are the Into the Spiderverse, Aaqron Aikman Armor, and Cyborg Spider-Man Suits. Its comic origins are likely to pique the interest of Marvel diehards. It’s easy to lose track of just how many alternate versions of Spider-Man there are swinging around Marvel’s multiverse, but we’ve rounded up as many as we can of to see how their costumes stack up against one another. Look behind Peter in his scene with the teachers and you’ll see the face of Howard Stark (John Slattery) tucked away alongside inspirational real-world figures. Ever since Spider-Man’s appearance in Captain America: Civil War, womens spiderman costume fans have been excited to see what Tom Holland’s Spider-Man was gonna go through next.

If you were keeping a close watch on the FEAST van that cropped up multiple times throughout the movie, you may have noticed an easy-to-miss tribute to Steve Ditko, the artist and co-creator of Spider-Man. There, FEAST is set up by philanthropist Martin Li, AKA Mister Negative. In a fit of rage, Norman smashes the Goblin mask and heads to FEAST. Pretty early on in the movie, the Goblin voice instead Norman’s head gets the better of him. Fueled by a sense of revenge and need for justice, Parker takes it upon himself to wage war against “The Goblin” and his Enforcers who wreak havoc upon New York. The blockbuster saw characters such as Peter Parker and MJ evolve, gave fans a memorable villain in the form of Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio, and delivered thrilling action sequences across Europe in Prague, Berlin, and London. Ock had each villain face Spider-Man individually so that every member could reap the glory of Spider-Man’s death, but he secretly devised this plan to ensure the other villains’ defeat each time. Fans might know him best as one of the main villains in the Spider-Man PS4 game. In one cute moment, Sandman and Electro swap origin stories.

It gives a more intimidating feel to the hero than other masks while keeping the design simple, and the webbing’s origin right between the eyes is simply a gorgeous sight. You need to fight them off while periodically flipping the switch on the crane to bring the man back up to the pier. With stylish features and a lot of protection, it was practical, sleek, and everything this version of Spider-Man would need. In many ways, this makes Spider-Man less of the ‘boy scout’ character people think; the fact that he used his powers to have fun in the first place is something people can relate to. Still reflecting upon his dream of the Spider-God, Peter learns his powers include shooting webbing from his wrists and enhanced durability that lends itself to leaping from tall surfaces. What that means for the status of those shows and how they fit into the MCU is unclear – especially with Kingpin showing up in Hawkeye – but, for now, let’s deal in absolutes: Matt Murdock is in the MCU and is still doing that whole lawyer thing. This just shows they’re not going to ignore you after they make a sell.