Mafex Spider-Man Black Costume

Another popular Spider-Man design. Simple but very cool. I’m a bit surprised by the name. At first I thought it was a symbiote suit but instead it was a black costume. The figure looks superficially all black, but has dark blue highlights on the muscle skin in many places. shows that there is very good attention to detail.

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high quality spiderman costume Get ready to swing into action with the most detailed Spiderman cosplay costume on the market. Show off your love for Marvel’s iconic comic book character in style.

Marvel’s Famous Covers Figures! 25th Anniversary Celebration!

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Marvel Comics have produced some great action figures over the past 25 years, but none more nostalgic and fun as ToyBiz’s Famous Covers line. These cloth costumed 9 inch figures were a loving homage to the 8 inch figures of the 1970’s – Mego’s World’s Greatest Super Heroes! We got action figures in doll form of all the classic, from Spider-Man to Captain America, to Iron Man, Wolverine and more. And of course there were some surprises along the way including the first ever Aunt May action figure. Marvel’s Famous Covers is my all time favorite toy line as it combines the two things I love the most – comics history and action figures and I hope you enjoy this loving tribute to it’s 25th Anniversary

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Spiderman in Symbiote Costume | Spiderman Action Figure

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