All Spider-Man Web Shooters EXPLAINED

You may think you know everything about Spider-Man’s web shooters, but some of these alternate Spider-People may surprise you. Check out this video for a complete breakdown of every Spider-Man web shooter in the live action films, television series, and comics.

From hidden handgun web shooters, to using zombie Spider-Man’s veins and arteries as webs, we’ll take a look at every type of web shooter seen in the Spider-verse.


0:00 – All Spider-Man Web Shooters EXPLAINED
0:22 – 70s Spider-Man
0:52 – Japanese Spider-Man
1:20 – Raimiverse Spider-Man
2:07 – Webbverse Spider-Man
2:47 – MCU Spider-Man
3:53 – Ultimate Spider-Man
4:34 – Insomniac Spider-Man
5:18 – Scarlet Spider
5:55 – Assassin Spider-Man
6:18 – Superior Spider-Man
7:15 – Zombie Spider-Man
7:41 – Sun Spider
8:08 – Punishing Spider
8:36 – Spider-Boy

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