The sites below contain topical briefings or press releases on areas of neuroendocrinology research and medicine.

Their listing does not imply endorsement of their content by the INF.


Neuroendocrinology Briefings” – a series of topical articles produced by the British Society for Neuroendocrinology.

Press Releases from the Endocrine Society (USA) on recently published articles of interest.

Education and information resources from the Society for Endocrinology (UK)

Public and Media information including links to medical information sites, produced by the Society for Endocrinology (UK).

Brain Briefings” – newsletters produced by the Society for Neuroscience (USA) explaining how basic neuroscience discoveries lead to clinical applications.

IBRO-EDU, the International Brain Research Organisation Education Resource Project, provides an organised access to educational material in neuroscience already available on the web.